1941 letter, Sligo to Port Jefferson, NY

1941 letter, Sligo to Port Jefferson, NY1

In 1941, Mrs Martin Lynch of Port Jefferson, Long Island, received a letter from the town of Sligo, County Sligo, Ireland. Can we identify Mrs Lynch, and can this envelope help us find her county of origin in Ireland?

In 1940, Mrs Anna Lynch, a widow, was living in Belle Terre, Port Jefferson, NY. She was 66 and had been born in Ireland. She and her husband Martin had been in the same town since at least 1925. Before that they had lived in Poughkeepsie, New York. In fact I found Martin there in 1880 with his parents and four siblings. The parents had been born in Ireland, but Martin, his brother, and sisters were all born in New York.2

Anna and Martin had three children that appear on the censuses: Thomas, Phillip, and Catherine. Anna died on February 15, 1966.3

I didn't find the record of Martin's death.

Unlike the other articles in this postal cover series, I wasn't able to figure out where in Ireland either Anna or Martin Lynch was from. There just weren't enough records available to me. Ancestry.com may have their Social Security applications, which should list their place of birth and parents's names. Their marriage record (probably in Poughkeepsie) or their death records (probably Port Jefferson) might be available from the government agency holding them. These might tell their parents' names as well.


I was able to get to the library and use their edition of ancestry.com. In the Social Security Applications database, there was an entry for Anna Lynch that said she was born July 1873, in County Leitrim. Her parents were Phillip Comisky and Katherine Dolan.

Note: Her 1900 Census in Poughkeepsie said she was born in July 1873 as well.

I came home and looked for the civil registration of her birth and found:

born July 18, 1873, Anne [daughter of] Philip Cummisky, a farmer of Curraghan, and Catherine Cummisky, formerly Dolan, born in Curraghan Townland, Drumlease Civil District, County Leitrim (Superintendent Registrar's District of Manorhamilton).

Which might explain why she also received this letter from Leitrim in 1941:
1941 letter, Cluainin Ui Ruairc (Manorhamilton) to Port Jefferson, NY

1941 letter, Cluainin Ui Ruairc (Manorhamilton) to Port Jefferson, NY1

As for the letter from Sligo, Anna had a sister Ellen who married John O'Hara, a postman of Sligo, on November 19, 1903. They were living in Sligo East in 1911 with three children.


So in retrospect, I suppose the envelopes didn't help much in finding Anna (Cummisky) Lynch's Irish county of origin. It would have been easier just to go to ancestry.com in the first place. But the journey wouldn't have been half as interesting.

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February 26, 2018


^1. The images of the envelopes to Mrs. Martin Lynch are used by permission of the Jim Forte Postal History site and can be found on this page of his site, unless it has been sold. I am not connected with the site.

^2. United States and New York State Censuses of Poughkeepsie, NY and Port Jefferson, NY.

^3. United States Social Security Death Index.

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