John Dial of Crawford Township, Coshocton County, Ohio

John Dial was born about 1800 to 1804, probably in either Pennsylvania or Virginia. He married Maria Allabaugh about 1824, probably in Washington County, Pennsylvania. Their first son, George, was born about December 1825 in Pennsylvania. Soon after that, John and Maria moved to Crawford Township, Coschocton County, Ohio. They went on to have five more known children: Thomas (about 1829), Elza (about 1832), Evans (1834), Maria (1838), and Harrison (1842). John died sometime before 1850—his family is on the 1850 Crawford Township census without him. Maria died sometime after that census.

Whose son was he?

John Dial arrived in Coschocton County at the same time as Maria's father, George Allabaugh. There is reason to think that George Allabaugh had been in Cross Creek Township, Washington County, Pennsylvania, prior to that. See George Allabaugh of Crawford Township, Coshocton County, Ohio. So that seemed to be the best place to look for John Dial as well.

I didn't expect to find John on his own prior to marriage, so when I started looking at the Washington County censuses I was looking for the household of a possible father. It would have been nice to find a Dial household in Cross Creek in 1820, with a son matching John's age. But, alas, there was no such family. In fact there were no Dials in all of Washington County in 1820.

I did a little better in 1830. There were no Dial families in Cross Creek Township itself, but I did find a few Dials (and variants) elsewhere in the county: Thomas Dial and Simon Doal in neighboring Hopewell Township, and Joshua Dile in Smith Township.

Simon Doal was too young to be John's father. Joshua Dile appears to have been in Buffalo Township, Fayette County, Pennsylvania, in 1820 with no children, so therefore with no son named John. That left Thomas Dial of Hopewell Township. Was he the father of John Dial?

Thomas had a lot of things going for him as a possible father. Hopewell Township adjoined Cross Creek, so the Dials and Allabaugh families could have lived near each other. Thomas was age 40 to 49, so he would have been old enough to have a son born in 1804. And he had a number of children, including another son age 20 to 29, so he had been married long enough to be John's father.

Another thing I liked about Thomas was his name. John Dial named his first son George and his second son Thomas. George was his wife's father's name, so was Thomas his own father's name? That would have been following an Irish naming custom, and the Dials might have been Irish—more on that below, I hope. So I tentatively put Thomas down as John's possible father.

Where was Thomas?

The problems began when I tried to find this Thomas Dial before 1830. There was no match for him on the censuses of Pennsylvania or Virginia from 1800 to 1830. He was not any of the men named Thomas Doyle in Pittsburgh, in Bucks County, or in Franklin Co in 1820. I didn't find any other men named Thomas Dial, Dyal, Doyal, or Doyle on the index for the censuses for those years on familysearch.

A leap into the mist

That is where the solid research ends. I have a feeling that Thomas Dial was a descendant of Edward Doyle, said to be from Ireland, who died in Fairfax, Virginia, in 1741. According to My Dial/Doyle line, by Tony Popp, at, he had a son and grandsons who lived in Bullskin Township, Fayette County, Pennsylvania. There is a George Dyal in Bullskin Township in 1800 with a son old enough to be Thomas. And Washington County, Pennsylvania, is only a hop, skip, and a jump from Fayette County.

(Note that people say that George Dyal, son of Edward Doyle, Jr, died in Fayette County, Illinois. But I think that could have been a different George Dial, descended from a Dial family of Maryland.)

At any rate, that is my best guess for the earlier ancestry of John Dial of Crawford Township, Coshocton County, Ohio. The page on said that Edward Doyle, Jr, and some of his children ended up spelling their name Dial and Dyal. The "Dyal" spelling seems a bit unusual, but I found it as many times as "Dial" when working on John Dial and his descendants.

Conclusion–Use with caution

Please don't jump to the conclusion that any of this is correct. I have absolutely no proof that Maria Allabaugh's husband John Dial was the son of Thomas Dial of Hopewell Township. And even less proof that Thomas Dial was ever in Bullskin Township, Fayette County, Pennsylvania. I am only sketching out a possibility based on what I could find on line. Don't post this in some tree on ancestry or familysearch as if it were gospel truth. The sources listed below in "For further research" might prove my theory one way or the other. Then again, they might not.


Censuses of Crawford Township for the households of John Dial in 1830 and 1840 and for his son Thomas and his wife Maria in 1850. Tax records of Coshocton County. Later US censuses and death records for his children.

This page, cited above, has a lot of information on the sons of Edward Doyle, Jr: My Dial/Doyle line, by Tony Popp, at

I also used this site for information on the Doyle family, including the sons of Edward Doyle, Jr, in Bullskin Township, Fayette County, Pennsylvania:

For further research

The following resources, which I did not have access to, might provide more information on John Dial:

Violet Dial DeMoure (Compiler), The early Pennsylvania Dials-their ancestors and descendents, 1972.

Dean Alexander Doyal, Descendants of Edward Doyle Sr (1700-1741) and Priscilla Connell, Newport News, Virginia, 1995, available at the Allen County Public Libary, the Family History Libary in Salt Lake City, Utah, and a few other places.

Whatever records are on that are not on