Lizzie Trainor—Kilkeel to Cleveland

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Elizabeth "Lizzie" Trainor/Traynor/Treanor was born in Corcreaghan Townland, Kilkeel, County Down, Ireland, July 28, 1882, the daughter of John Treanor and Annie Sloan, who are on the 1901 and 1911 Census of Ireland in Corcreaghan.

Lizzie arrived in the United States aboard the SS Teutonic on March 29, 1907, accompanied by Kate Cunningham of Killowen, County Down. THey were headed to a Mrs Liffan, whom Lizzie called her aunt and Kate called a cousin. Lizzie and Kate, or Catherine, were both working as servants in the Howell Hinds household on Overbrook Road, Cleveland, in 1910.

After that, however, I can find no trace of Lizzie in the records available to me online. Did she marry in Cleveland or elsewhere in the United States? Did she return to Ireland? I haven't found her in the marriage, census, or death records for Cuyahoga County after 1910.

If anyone knows any of the answers, could you let me know? Thank you,
Ed Hamilton

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August 28, 2016


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