Shaker Heights, Warrensville Township, Cuyahoga County, Ohio, United States

Place Encloses

City Shaker Heights
County Cuyahoga County
State/ Province Ohio
Country United States
Alternate Locations
City Shaker Heights
State/ Province Ohio
Country United States

Enclosed By

Warrensville Township
  Enclosed By Warrensville Township   Place Encloses


  1. Family of Clarence Biggam and Ann Ellen O'Leary
  2. Clarence Biggam
  3. Mary T "Minnie" O'Rourke
  4. Mary Theresa Burke
  5. Family of John J Bolan and Effie L Wilson
  6. Family of Edward C Showman and Sarah E Channing
  7. Mary Ahrens
  8. Ann Ellen O'Leary
  9. John J Bolan
  10. Edward C Showman
  11. Leo J Conway
  12. Family of William Getzlaff and Ann Ellen O'Leary
  13. William Getzlaff
  14. Coletta Hurley
  15. Effie L Wilson
  16. Sarah E Channing
  17. Frank Thomas Gerak