Mary Rourke

Birth Name Mary Rourke
Gender female
Age at Death about 24 years, 8 months


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth about November 1845      
Baptism November 27, 1845 Kilbroney Civil Parish, County Down, Ireland   1a

Sponsors were Bernard Rorke and Ann Sloan.

Death July 1, 1870 Kilkeel Civil Parish, County Down, Ireland   2a 3a
Event Note

from the index to the civil records. not online for free as of April 2019
Date of Death 1870
Group Registration ID N/R
SR District/Reg Area Kilkeel
Deceased Age at Death 24
Returns Year 1870
Returns Quarter 3
Returns Volume No 11
Returns Page No 353

Her headstone for the exact date.

Burial   Kilbroney Cemetery, Rostrevor, Kilbroney Civil Parish, County Down, Ireland   3a


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Michael Rourkeabout August 27, 1815February 9, 1888
Mother Alice Cunninghamabout 1814November 29, 1888
    Brother     Francis O'Rourke August 4, 1843 May 7, 1924
    Brother     John Rourke about December 4, 1844
         Mary Rourke about November 1845 July 1, 1870
    Brother     William O'Rourke about September 1847 August 6, 1889
    Sister     Ann O'Rourke about October 1849 November 23, 1910
    Sister     Elizabeth “Bessie” O'Rourke about October 30, 1851 January 27, 1924
    Sister     Margaret O'Rourke about 1862 April 27, 1927

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