Jan Kowal

Birth Name Jan Kowal

    His name is on the death record of his daughter Mary A Klotz, 1945, Belmont County, Ohio

Gender male
Age at Death unknown


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth   Poland    
Residence   Wola Radłowska, Gmina Radłów, Tarnów County, Poland   1a
Event Note

Jan Kowal was living in Wola Radlowska when his daughter Mary Ann Klaca/Klotz returned to the US in September 1910. He was her nearest relative where she had lived last.



Family of Jan Kowal and Anna Lazarz

Married Wife Anna Lazarz ( b. d. ... )
Name Birth Date Death Date
Mary Ann KowalNovember 17, 1878September 6, 1945


    1. Jan Kowal
      1. Anna Lazarz
        1. Mary Ann Kowal

Source References

  1. Ellis Island Passenger Record
      • Page: Maryanna Klaca, Sept 17, 1910, SS Cincinnati