James Rice Carson

Birth Name James Rice Carson
Gender male
Age at Death about 78 years, 11 months, 12 days


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth about 1853 Ontario, Canada   1
Census January 14, 1861 East Flamboro, Wentworth County, Ontario, Canada 1861 Joseph Carson household 2

Year: 1861; Census Place: East Flamboro, Wentworth, Canada West; [Ontario]
Roll: C-1086-1087; E.D. 2, Page: 22

Joseph Carson, 42, Birthplace: Ireland, mason
Elizabeth Carson, 42, Ireland
William J. Carson, 17, Birthplace: CW [Canada West]
Jas?. H. Carson, 16, Canada West, a son
Joseph Carson, 12, Canada West
Patrick Carson, 10, Canada West
[Rice?] Carson, 8, Canada West, a son, only one attending school
Sarah A. Carson, 6, Canada West
Josephine Carson, 3, Canada West

Religion of all: CR [Church of Rome]

Residence January 14, 1861 East Flamboro, Wentworth County, Ontario, Canada   2
Census April 2, 1871 East Flamboro, Wentworth County, Ontario, Canada 1871 Joseph & Hugh Carson households 1

Year: 1871; Census Place: Flamborough East, Wentworth North, Ontario;
Roll: C-9925; Family No: 80.

Joseph Carson, 53, born in Ireland, Irish origin, mason
Elizabeth Carson, 53, born in Ireland, Scotch origin
Joseph Carson, 21, Ontario, Irish, laborer
Patrick Carson, 20, Ontario, Irish
Rice Carson, 18, male, Ontario, Irish
Sarah A Carson, 16, Ontario, Irish
Josephine Carson, 12, Ontario, Irish, attending school

all Roman Catholic

next house:
Hugh Carson, 30, Irish origin, laborer
Hannah H Carson, 24, English
James H Carson, 6, Irish
Thomas Carson, 3, Irish
Joseph Carson, 4m, born in December, Irish

all Roman Catholic. All born in Ontario.

Residence April 2, 1871 East Flamboro, Wentworth County, Ontario, Canada   1
Burial October 15, 1931 Burlington, Ontario, Canada    
Death December 13, 1931 Dundas, Hamilton, Wentworth County, Ontario, Canada    

Province of Ontario, Certificate of Registration of Death
James Rice Carson
died Oct 13, 1931, at House of Providence, Governer's Rd, Dundas, West Flamboro, Wentworth
residence: Hamilton
male, Irish, widower
born 1863 in Waterdown, Ont
occupation: stone mason
resident at place of death: 1y 5m; resident of Ontario: since birth
Parents: Joseph Carson, Elizabeth McGowan, both born in Ireland
cause: arterio-sclerosis 8 years; contributory: cerebral [something, maybe "suffering" or [roflerring"], 1 year
burial: Oct 15, 1931, Holy Sepulchure
informant: Sister M Vincentia, House of Providence, no relation to deceased


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Joseph Carsonabout 1818February 29, 1876
Mother Elizabeth McGowanabout 1818May 5, 1880
    Brother     Hugh Carson about 1840 August 16, 1921
    Brother     William J. Carson about 1844 May 7, 1910
    Brother     James? H. Carson about 1846
    Brother     Joseph Carson May 28, 1850 June 9, 1911
    Brother     Patrick Carson about 1851 December 5, 1933
         James Rice Carson about 1853 December 13, 1931
    Sister     Sarah Ann Carson about 1855
    Sister     Josephine Carson November 5, 1860 October 31, 1904


    Family of James Rice Carson and Bridget Mooney
Married Wife Bridget Mooney


  1. Joseph Carson
    1. Elizabeth McGowan
      1. Hugh Carson
      2. William J. Carson
      3. James? H. Carson
      4. Joseph Carson
      5. Patrick Carson
      6. James Rice Carson
        1. Bridget Mooney
      7. Sarah Ann Carson
      8. Josephine Carson

Source References

  1. 1871 Census of Canada
  2. 1861 Census of Canada

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