Ellen “Nellie” Quinn

Birth Name Ellen “Nellie” Quinn
Gender female
Age at Death unknown


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth 1878 Ireland   1a
Immigration May 5, 1901 New York, New York, United States   1a

Arriving in New York May 05, 1901, aboard the SS Etruria

Quinn, Hugh, 50, male, married, farmer
Quinn, Ellen, 23, single, housewife
Quinn, Hugh, 20, single, laborer
Quinn, Maggie, 17, single, housework
Quinn, Annie, 14, single, housework
Quinn, James, 11, single, boy

All: could read and write, were Irish, last residence was Kilkeel, headed to Cleveland, paid their own fare, had a ticket to their destination. None had been in the US before. Destination [Hugh Sr.'s] daughter, Mary Quinn, Cleveland, Ohio.
All were in good health. A note for Hugh, Sr., said "slight debility."
Hugh, Sr, was carrying $50. the others had no money



Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Hugh Quinnbetween 1846 and 1852December 12, 1928
Mother Maria Cunningham
         Ellen “Nellie” Quinn 1878
    Brother     Hugh Quinn March 14, 1879 December 29, 1945
    Sister     Mary Quinn about 1880 December 3, 1962
    Sister     Margaret Quinn 1884 April 2, 1961
    Sister     Anna Quinn 1887 March 24, 1961
    Brother     James Quinn July 1, 1891
    Brother     John Quinn before December 1928


Family of John Beins and Ellen “Nellie” Quinn

Married Husband John Beins ( b. d. ... )

Source References

  1. Ellis Island Passenger Record
      • Page: SS Alaska, May 23, 1892