John Rourke

Birth Name John Rourke
Gender male
Age at Death unknown


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    Family of John Rourke and Mary Sloane
Married Wife Mary Sloane
Name Birth Date Death Date
James Rourkeabout March 28, 1809
Mary Rourkeabout April 22, 1813
Michael Rourkeabout August 27, 1815February 9, 1888
William Rourkeabout July 6, 1817
Henry Rourkeabout June 20, 1822


John was also a horseshoer, according to the biography of his son Michael's son Frank in the Historical Encyclopedia of Illinois and History of Peoria County, Volume II, 1902, Chapter XXII Personal Sketches, page 613

Is he the John Rourke in Ballintur on the Tithe Applotment Books? There were no Rourkes in Ballyneddan on those Books, but there are three there for Griffith's Valuation: John's son Michael, plus Owen and Thomas.

Is he the John Rourke who was buried in Kilbroney in 1857, age 85? His grandson Frank O'Rourke's biography said that John died at the age of 86.


    1. John Rourke
      1. Mary Sloane
        1. James Rourke
        2. Mary Rourke
        3. Michael Rourke
        4. William Rourke
        5. Henry Rourke

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