Michael P. McGoldrick

Birth Name Michael P. McGoldrick
Gender male


Witnesses at the wedding: Michael W. McGoldrick and Mary Ann Archambeault. Bride, groom and both witnesses could sign their names.

1891 Census
Province: Quebec
District Number: 172
District: Montréal Centre
Subdistrict: St Antoine Ward

Michael McGoldrick 25, QUE IRE IRE, dealer in gentlemens furnishings
Catharine McGoldrick 25, QUE IRE IRE


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth about 1866 Québec, Canada   1


Family of Michael P. McGoldrick and Catherine McMullen

Married Wife Catherine McMullen ( b. December 26, 1865 d. ... )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage September 23, 1890 St. Anne's, Montreal, Québec, Canada   2


    1. Michael P. McGoldrick
      1. Catherine McMullen