Latham H. Brightman

Birth Name Latham H. Brightman
Gender male


Id#: 0037602
Name: Brightman, L. H.
Date: August 9, 1923
Source: Source unknown; Cleveland Necrology File, Reel #010.
Notes: Brightman-L. H., age 73 years, died Thursday, August 9, at Long
Beach, Cal.; beloved husband of Mary C., father of Latham, jr.,
Clarence, Fred, Howard, Harrison Brightman, Mrs. D. G. Newton, Mrs. R.
E. Parkingson, Mrs. R. F. Bielefeldt and Mrs. F. J. Pfeiffer. Funeral
Monday at Long Beach, Cal.


Event Date Place Description Sources
Death about August 9, 1923 Long Beach, Los Angeles County, California, United States    


Family of Latham H. Brightman and Mary C. Murphy

Married Wife Mary C. Murphy ( b. March 23, 1867 d. February 18, 1963 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage 1899 to 1900 Cuyahoga County, Ohio, United States    
Name Birth Date Death Date
Latham BrightmanAugust 9, 1903May 11, 1981


    1. Latham H. Brightman
      1. Mary C. Murphy
        1. Latham Brightman