Martin Whalen

Birth Name Martin Whalen
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth September 1845     1 2
Baptism September 22, 1845 Toronto, Barton Township, Wentworth County, Ontario, Canada   2


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Fenton Whalenabout 1810between 1870 and 1880
Mother Jane Hughesabout 1814October 3, 1896
         Martin Whalen September 1845
    Brother     John Whalen about 1848
    Brother     Joseph Andrew Whalen July 3, 1849 1918
    Sister     Ann Whalen about 1853
    Sister     Jane Whalen about 1858
    Sister     Maria Whalen about 1862
    Brother     Fenton Whalen September 1865


Ontario, Roman Catholic Church Records, 1760-1923, Peel, Wildfield, St Patrick, Baptisms, marriages 1833-1857

1845 - September 22
Was baptized Martin 2 weeks old of the lawful marriage of Fenton Whelan and Jane Hughes, Gore. Sponsors Patrick Hughes and Jane O'Hara. E.O'Reilly ...[unreadable initlals after the name]
Note: Gore was a location near Toronto. Eugene O'Reilly was a Catholic priest who served that area.


  1. Fenton Whalen
    1. Jane Hughes
      1. Martin Whalen
      2. John Whalen
      3. Joseph Andrew Whalen
      4. Ann Whalen
      5. Jane Whalen
      6. Maria Whalen
      7. Fenton Whalen

Source References

  1. National Archives and Records Administration: 1860 United States Census
  2. Ontario Catholic Church Records, 1747-1967 (Drouin Collection)

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