John Finnerty

Birth Name John Finnerty
Gender male
Age at Death unknown


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth about 1910 County Sligo, Ireland   1a
Census March 31, 1911 Culleens, Kilglass Civil Parish, County Sligo, Ireland   1a
Event Note

1911 Census of Ireland

Residents of a house 29 in Culleens (Rathmacurkey, Sligo)

Thomas Finnerty, 25, male, head, farmer, cannot read
Anne Finnerty, 27, female, wife, can read and write
Sabina Finnerty, 72, female, mother, retired farmer, can read and write, widow
Mary Finnerty, 4, female, daughter, farmer's daughter, cannot read
John Finnerty, 1, male, son, farmer's son, cannot read

All were Roman Catholic, all were born in Co. Sligo

Arrival August 27, 1920 New York, New York, United States   2a
Event Note (Ellis Island Records)
SS Baltic, from Liverpool August 18, 1920, arrived August 27, 1920
[note: Annie and children were listed with her mother-in-law, Sabina/Celia Finnerty, elsewhere on the manifest of this ship but were all scratched out. Sabina/Celia did not accompany them on this trip.]

Annie Finnerty, 35, nearest relative in Ireland: Mother, Mary N Scott, Carns, Cullena, Co Sligo. she had been in Boston in 1904/05. Destination: husband Thomas Finnerty 3670 East 93rd, Cleveland
Mary Finnerty, 11
John Finnerty, 10
Celia Finnerty, 8
Owen Finnerty, 6

all residences and birthplaces: Culleens, Ireland. children's nearest relative: their grandmother, Mrs N Scott. children's destination: their father. All were uncertain if they intend to be permanent residents.
The children had not been in the US before.



Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Thomas Finnertyabout 1875before October 28, 1946
Mother Anna Scottabout 1873May 6, 1944
    Sister     Mary Finnerty about 1907
         John Finnerty about 1910
    Sister     Celia Finnerty about 1912
    Brother     Owen Finnerty about 1914

Source References

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  2. Ellis Island Passenger Record
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