Ohio Marriage Index

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Source Information:
Ancestry.com. Ohio Marriage Index, 1970, 1972-2007 [database on-line]. Provo, UT: Ancestry.com Operations, Inc, 2010.
Original data: Ohio Marriage Index, 1970 and 1972-2007. Columbus, Ohio: Ohio Department of Health, Office of Vital Statistics, 2008.

Description at ancestry.com:
This database contains more than 3 million marriages in Ohio between 1970 and 2007. The records from 1971 aren’t included because they aren’t available from the Ohio Office of Vital Statistics. This is a collection of abstracts that were created with limited information for filing purposes. The information can then be used to find the marriage certificates at the individual county probate courts


    1. Marriage, Family of Herman Joseph Friedel and Elizabeth O'Rourke
      1. Herman Joseph Friedel
      2. Elizabeth O'Rourke
    2. Marriage, Family of Patrick Joseph O'Rourke and Delia Rodgers
      1. Delia Rodgers
      2. Patrick Joseph O'Rourke
    3. Elizabeth O'Rourke
    4. Marriage, Family of Walter T Hackett and Nora Irene Harvey
      1. Walter T Hackett
      2. Nora Irene Harvey
    5. Walter T Hackett
    6. Marriage, Family of Ralph Vernard Percival and Grace Lucille Rodgers
      1. Grace Lucille Rodgers
      2. Ralph Vernard Percival
    7. Ralph Vernard Percival
    8. Delia Rodgers
    9. Nora Irene Harvey
    10. Arline M. Hackett
    11. Grace Lucille Rodgers
    12. Birth, Walter T Hackett
      1. Walter T Hackett
    13. Patrick Joseph O'Rourke
    14. Herman Joseph Friedel
    15. Marriage, Family of Francis Gallagher and Arline M. Hackett
      1. Arline M. Hackett
      2. Francis Gallagher
    16. Francis Gallagher
  1. Bissler-Raimer, May 29, 1917, #28983
    1. Gertrude M Raimer
    2. Marriage, Family of Arthur Bissler and Gertrude M Raimer
      1. Gertrude M Raimer
      2. Arthur Bissler
    3. Arthur Bissler
  2. Grimm-Raimer, May 29, 1917, Cuyahoga, #28984
    1. Marriage, Family of Joseph Grimm and Isabel Raimer
      1. Joseph Grimm
      2. Isabel Raimer
    2. Joseph Grimm
    3. Isabel Raimer