Madeline Gutbrod, 1922, Newburgh, Cleveland

Madeline Gutbrod, 1922

Madeline Gutbrod,

This website includes a picture of the 1922 second grade class at Holy Name Parish on Broadway on the southeast side of Cleveland. My mother was in that class and identified most of the children in the picture. She identified the third young woman from our left in the second row as Madeline Gutbrod. There was a Madeline Gutbrod living in the area, described below, who is probably her.

Madeline Gutbrod and her family were living at 11010 Miles Ave in January 1920 when the census was taken. Besides Madeline there was her father John O Gutbrod, her mother Nora (McGuire), her sister Mary, and her brother John. The family was also at that address in 1922, the year the class photograph was taken. John Gutbrod managed the Emporium Millinery Company.

Sometime about 1939 or 1940 Madeline married Joseph Day. Together they raised seven sons and seven daughters. Madeline died in 1994; her husband had died the year before.

Parents of Madeline Gutbrod

The Huwiler Family Tree at has outlined the Gutbrod ancestry back to Offenbach, Hesse-Darmstadt, Germany. So, contrarian that I am, I decided to take a look at Madeline's mother's side.

Nora McGuire was born February 14, 1882, in Ohio, presumably in Cleveland, the daughter of Bryan F McGuire and Nora Kane. Nora Kane had eleven children but only four outlived her: Nora and her sisters Helen, Mary, and Catherine. A brother James died at age 16 in 1891, and a brother Thomas at age 44 in 1917. The others died at birth or as young children.

Bryan McGuire was born in County Mayo, Ireland, in May of 1853, the son of Bryan F McGuire and Catherine McCaffery or McCafferty. He had a brother Thomas who also came to Cleveland, and Thomas married a woman named either Mary Conway or Mary McCormick.

Nora Kane was also born in County Mayo, on May 1, 1851. Her father's name was Manus Kane; I couldn't find her mother's name on the American records online. I wonder if the McGuires and the Kanes knew each other in Ireland.

If you are a relative or descendant of Madeline Gutbrod you are welcome to download the class picture and pass it on. If you would like a larger image, with possibly better resolution, contact me.

Most of the information here is about my family or my wife’s, or about families with ties to Cleveland, Ohio, or the area near Rostrevor and Kilkeel in County Down, Ireland. There are also some unrelated families included that I came across. Whatever the case, I hope the material is helpful in your own efforts.
-- Ed Hamilton