William Pomeroy

Birth Name William Pomeroy
Gender male


Was of Eastern River in Pownalborough (now Dresden).

According to Maine Families in 1790, Volume 5, (Picton Press), on 12 May 1758 William Pomeroy, his son William, age 14, and grandson, Thaddeus Davis, age 4, were captured by Indians at Eastern River. William, Sr., was killed. Nothing was heard of the boys after that.

There is a William Pomeroy listed on Lot No 18 in the First Division of Wiscasset lands into settlers' lots, under the title Wiscasset in Pownalborough. There is also Benjamin Pomeroy on Lot No. 19. Lot 12 says James Reves lived on it for a short time. When he left it, it was taken by John Pomeroy.

(Found in a document attached to a tree at ancestry.com, but without an original source. The tree is http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/4644018/person/-1571465723/photo/6ba7c792-161b-4705-a397-21d1a8a0ea4d?src=search .)

In the Pownalborough Census, 1766, attached to this tree (http://trees.ancestry.com/tree/4644018/person/-1571465723/story/49e61972-836c-491d-b702-01f56c1e5e85?src=search), there is a Benjamin Pomeroy and Benjamin Pomeroy, Jr. But no William or John.


Family of William Pomeroy and Phoebe

Married Wife Phoebe ( b. d. ... )
Name Birth Date Death Date
Rebecca Pomeroy


    1. William Pomeroy
      1. Phoebe
        1. Rebecca Pomeroy