Vital Records of Veazie, Maine

Abbreviation Vital Records of Veazie, Maine
Publication information microfilm at New England Historic and Genealogical Society


    1. Luke Wilder Page
    2. Birth, Luke Wilder Page
      1. Luke Wilder Page (Primary)
    1. Joanna Inman
    2. David Knox
    3. Birth, Sarah E. Page
      1. Sarah E. Page (Primary)
    4. Mary Elizabeth Dudley
    5. Birth, Emma Mary Page
      1. Emma Mary Page (Primary)
    6. Death, Newman H. Dudley
      1. Newman H. Dudley (Primary)
    7. Marriage Intention, Family of David Knox and Sophia Harriet "Hattie" Dudley
      1. David Knox (Primary)
      2. Sophia Harriet "Hattie" Dudley (Primary)
    8. Joseph Phineas W. Smith
    9. Emma Mary Page
    10. Death, Gilman H. Dudley
      1. Gilman H. Dudley (Primary)
    11. Sophia Harriet "Hattie" Dudley
    12. Gilman H. Dudley
    13. Marriage, Family of Alfred R. Page and Ellen M. Smith
      1. Ellen M. Smith (Primary)
      2. Alfred R. Page (Primary)
    14. Ellen M. Smith
    15. Sarah E. Page
    16. Wilder Page
    17. Death, Joanna Inman
      1. Joanna Inman (Primary)
    18. Death, Luke Wilder Page
      1. Luke Wilder Page (Primary)
    19. Alvina Smith
    20. Marriage, Family of Newman H. Dudley and Alvina Smith
      1. Newman H. Dudley (Primary)
      2. Alvina Smith (Primary)
    21. Newman H. Dudley
    22. Alfred R. Page
    23. Luke Wilder Page
    24. Margaret Kent
    25. Marriage, Family of Joseph Phineas W. Smith and Mary Elizabeth Dudley
      1. Joseph Phineas W. Smith (Primary)
      2. Mary Elizabeth Dudley (Primary)
    26. Marriage, Family of Wilder Page and Margaret Kent
      1. Wilder Page (Primary)
      2. Margaret Kent (Primary)