Rhode Island, Marriages, 1724-1916

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    1. Marriage, Family of Harry Elmer Smith and Emma Gertrude North
      1. Emma Gertrude North (Primary)
      2. Harry Elmer Smith (Primary)
    2. Frank W Farrar
    3. Marriage, Family of John Francis Welsh and Ellen Bentley
      1. John Francis Welsh (Primary)
      2. Ellen Bentley (Primary)
    4. John Francis Welsh
    5. Sarah Louise North
    6. Emma Gertrude North
    7. Mary Elizabeth North
    8. Harry Holdroyd
    9. Marriage, Family of Harry Holdroyd and Sarah Louise North
      1. Sarah Louise North (Primary)
      2. Harry Holdroyd (Primary)
    10. John North
    11. Marriage, Family of Frank W Farrar and Mary Elizabeth North
      1. Mary Elizabeth North (Primary)
      2. Frank W Farrar (Primary)
    12. Ellen Bentley
    13. Harry Elmer Smith
    14. Sarah Elizabeth Bentley
    15. Marriage, Family of John North and Sarah Elizabeth Bentley
      1. Sarah Elizabeth Bentley (Primary)
      2. John North (Primary)