Massachusetts Town Clerk, Town and Vital Records, 1620-1988

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This set of records seems to be images of the cities' copies. Or at least they were recorded before the Mass. Registry copies, which are indexed by volume and page. They have more information on them.

There is no volume, page, at or on the images. Massachusetts, Town and Vital Records, 1620-1988 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2011.

Original data: Town and City Clerks of Massachusetts. Massachusetts Vital and Town Records. Provo, UT: Holbrook Research Institute (Jay and Delene Holbrook).


  1. John Winterflood, d December 22, 1880, Boston
    1. John Winterflood
    2. Burial, John Winterflood
      1. John Winterflood (Primary)
    1. Birth, William S Hankard
      1. William S Hankard (Primary)
    2. Michael Joseph Hankard
    3. Birth, Mary Hankard
      1. Mary Hankard (Primary)
    4. William S Hankard
    5. Birth, John Aloysius Hankard
      1. John Aloysius Hankard (Primary)
    6. John Aloysius Hankard
    7. Orilla J Inman
    8. Birth, Michael Joseph Hankard
      1. Michael Joseph Hankard (Primary)
    9. John A Hankard
    10. Mary Hankard
    11. Birth, John A Hankard
      1. John A Hankard (Primary)
    12. Marriage, Family of William Henry MacIntosh and Orilla J Inman
      1. Orilla J Inman (Primary)
      2. William Henry MacIntosh (Primary)
    13. Birth, Margaret Louise Jenkins
      1. Margaret Louise Jenkins (Primary)
    14. William Henry MacIntosh
    15. Margaret Louise Jenkins
  2. Catherine Winterflood, d June 1, 1865, Boston
    1. Burial, Catherine Donovan
      1. Catherine Donovan (Primary)
    2. Catherine Donovan
  3. James Donovan, Nov 1859, Boston
    1. Mary Fitz
    2. 16 Holden St
      1. James Donovan (Primary)
    3. James Donovan
    4. 16 Holden St
      1. Mary Fitz
      2. Jeremiah Donovan (Father)
    5. Jeremiah Donovan
  4. Donovan-Fitz, October 25, 1857, Boston
    1. Mary Fitz
    2. Marriage, Family of Jeremiah Donovan and Mary Fitz
      1. Jeremiah Donovan (Primary)
      2. Mary Fitz (Primary)
    3. Jeremiah Donovan
  5. Mary Ann Winterflood, d July 24, 1865, Boston
    1. Mary Ann Winterflood
    2. Burial, Mary Ann Winterflood
      1. Mary Ann Winterflood (Primary)