Date April 27, 1883
Place Church of Ireland, Pomeroy Parish, County Tyrone, Ireland


Registrar's District of Dungannon
Marriage solemnized at the Parish Church in the Parish of Pomeroy in the County of Tyrone

April 27, 1883
William Boyd, a bachelor farmer of full age, of Crive [Creeve], parish of Pomeroy. father: Thomas Boyd, a farmer
Sarah Carrick, a spinster of full age, of Drumannor[?], parish of Pomeroy. father: Charles Carrick, a farmer

Married according to the rites and ceremonies of the Church of Ireland by license, by James Hamilton
witnesses: Samuel Montgomery and Samuel Donnelly


Source References

  1. Irish Civil Registration Records, Marriages
      • Page: Boyd-Carrick, April 27, 1883, RD: Dungannon


  1. Sarah Carrick
  2. William Boyd
  3. Family of William Boyd and Sarah Carrick
    1. William Boyd
    2. Sarah Carrick