Date September 7, 1902
Place Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul, Ennis, County Clare, Ireland


Superintendent Registrar's District: Ennis
Registrar's District: Ennis
District of Ennis, Union of Ennis, County of Clare
September 7, 1902, Cathedral of Sts Peter and Paul, Ennis, Clare

Patrick Caulfield, full age, bachelor, laborer of Market St, Ennis. father: James Caulfield (dead), a cabinet maker
Ellen McGrath, 18, spinster, a servant of Borheen, Ennis. father: James McGrath (alive), a driver

Source References

  1. Irish Civil Registration Records, Marriages
      • Page: Ennis, Clare, September 7, 1902, #154, Patk Caulfield, Ellen McGrath


  1. Ellen McGrath
  2. Patrick Caulfield
  3. Family of Patrick Caulfield and Ellen McGrath
    1. Ellen McGrath
    2. Patrick Caulfield