Petition for Naturalization

Date September 23, 1926
Place Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, Pennsylvania, United States


Petition for Naturalization
23 September 1926
US District Court for Eastern District of Pennsylvania
George Boyd
Residence: Limekiln Pike, Glenside [Pennsylvania]
occupation: gardener, marital status: not married
born 25 March 1900, Tyrone, Ireland
left Belfast on the Carmania on or about 11 September 1920, arrived New York on 22 September 1920
declaration of intention 3 September 1923, US District Court, Philadelphia
have lived continuously in the US since 22 September 1920 and in Pennsylvania since 26 September 1920

John Crozier, factory worker, 6318 N Sydenham [brother in law, Mary Jane's husband]
Robert H Carrick, gardener, 6817 N Sydenham [maternal uncle]

admitted as citizen February 28, 1927

Source References

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  1. George Boyd