Florence Sarah Letitia Boyd

Birth Name Florence Sarah Letitia Boyd
Gender female
Age at Death 82 years, 7 months, 20 days


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth May 12, 1904 Edendoit Townland, Desertcreat Civil Parish, Pomeroy Registrar’s District, County Tyrone, Ireland   1a
Event Note

Superintendent Registrar's District: Cookstown, Registrar's District: Pomeroy, County Tyrone
in Edendoit
May 12, 1904
Florence Sarah Letitia, daughter of William Boyd, a farmer of Edendoit, and Sarah Boyd, formerly Carrick. informant: William -his mark- Boyd of Edendoit, father

[note: William signed his own name to all the other birth records, his marriage records, and both censuses. I don't know why it says "his mark" on this record.]

Census (Daughter) April 2, 1911 Edendoit Townland, Desertcreat Civil Parish, Pomeroy Registrar’s District, County Tyrone, Ireland   2a
Event Note

1911 Census of Ireland
house 22 in Edendoit (The Rock, Tyrone)

Boyd, William, 62, Male, Head of Family, Farmer, Married
Boyd, Sarah, 50, Female, Wife, Married 27 years, 8 children, 8 alive
Boyd, Robert, 14, Male, Son, Scholar, Single
Boyd, George, 11, Male, Son, Scholar, Single
Boyd, Florence, 7, Female, Daughter, Scholar, Single

All were members of the Church of Ireland, all were born in County Tyrone. All could read and write. None could read or write Irish.

from form B1, the House and Building Return.
This was a private dwelling, with 6 out offices and farm steadings. The walls were brick, stone, or concrete. The roof was either slate, iron, or tile. It had 3 rooms, with 3 windows on the front of the house. All this rated it as a second class house. There was one distinct family living in it. There were 5 people in the family. The head of the house and the landholder on whose land it was situated was William Boyd.

The Enumerator's Abstract summarized that there were 3 males and 2 females in the one family in this house, and all were members of the Church of Ireland.

The Out-Offices and Farm-Steadings Return form says that the buildings on the farm beside the house were: 1 stable, 1 cow house, 1 piggery, 1 fowl house, 1 barn, and 1 turf house.

William signed the return.





Correspondence (Sister) June 6, 1908     3
Event Note

June 6, 1908, Mount Airy Station, Philadelphia
Miss Florence S. L. Boyd
Edendoit, Pomeroy
Co Tyrone
from: sister Lizzie

Dear Florence,
I will expect a postal soon from you and I hope you are well, give my love to all the dear ones at home and keep some for yourself. Your loving sister Lizzie.

Immigration (Sister) September 22, 1920 New York, United States   4a
Event Note

Arrival September 22, 1920, SS Carmania, from Liverpool September 11, 1920

George Boyd, 20, a sailor, 5'9", fresh complexion, brown hair, color of eyes not listed, had not been in US before
Eleanor Boyd, 25, a domestic, note: sister to George, had been in US before, from 1910 to 1919 in Philadelphia, dark complexion, black hair, brown eyes
Florence Boyd, 18, a domestic, note: sister to George, had not been in US before, pale? complexion, dark hair, gray eyes

All: citizens of Ireland, Irish nationality, last permanent residence: Pomeroy, Ireland, nearest relative in Ireland: father Mr Wm. Boyd, Edendoit, Pomeroy, Co. Tyrone, paid for own trip and have a ticket to their destination. destination: Sister Mae Crosier, 3318 Sydenham Street, Philadelphia, expect to be in US permanently. born in Edendoit, Pomeroy, Ireland


Death January 1987     5
Event Note

U.S. Social Security Death Index (SSDI)

Florence Boyd
Birth: May 12 1904
Death: Jan 1987
Last residence: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19104, USA
SSN issuing state: New Jersey


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father William Boydbetween 1849 and 1856September 9, 1922
Mother Sarah Carrickabout 1861December 17, 1917
    Brother     Thomas Boyd March 1, 1884 November 22, 1967
    Brother     Joseph Boyd May 12, 1886 September 2, 1952
    Sister     Mary Jane Boyd February 7, 1889 January 21, 1990
    Sister     Elizabeth Boyd September 14, 1891 March 1984
    Sister     Eleanor Boyd April 15, 1894 June 1987
    Brother     Robert William Boyd July 8, 1897 May 8, 1985
    Brother     George Boyd March 25, 1900 after 1942
         Florence Sarah Letitia Boyd May 12, 1904 January 1987