Armstrong County, Pennsylvania, United States

County Armstrong County
State/ Province Pennsylvania
Country United States


  1. James Hamilton
  2. Family of Ralph L Rankin and Agnes Hamilton
    1. Agnes Hamilton
    2. Ralph L Rankin
  3. Edgar J. Corbett
  4. Frances Hamilton
  5. Harold B Hamilton
  6. Agnes Hamilton
  7. Mabel Hamilton
  8. Russell E Hamilton
  9. Ralph L Rankin
  10. Family of Edgar J. Corbett and Mildred Eleanor Kiefer
    1. Edgar J. Corbett
    2. Mildred Eleanor Kiefer
  11. Anna Barbara Lobaugh
  12. George Hamilton
  13. Family of William Carl Bolar and Mildred Eleanor Kiefer
    1. William Carl Bolar
    2. Mildred Eleanor Kiefer
  14. William Carl Bolar
  15. John Hamilton
  16. Mildred Eleanor Kiefer