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A Christmas Party, by Georgette Heyer, a Review

A Christmas Party cover

I liked Hercule Poirot's Christmas, by Agatha Christie, so I figured I would probably enjoy Georgette Heyer's A Christmas Party as well, having just finished her Why Shoot a Butler. I was right.

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Why Shoot a Butler, by Georgette Heyer, a Review

Why Shoot a Butler Book Cover

A few weeks ago, in the review of Toured To Death, I made fun of the "damsel in distress" motif that I kept coming across in modern mystery stories. Now, having read Georgette Heyer's Why Shoot a Butler, I might have to eat my words. This lady gets it right.

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Two County Cork Mysteries by Sheila Connolly, a Review

Scandal in Skibereen, Cover

Buried in a Bog and Scandal in Skibereen are the first two in the County Cork Mysteries series by Sheila Connolly. I would have reviewed them one at a time but they were so good and read so quickly that I was through with the second before I could write about the first.

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Toured to Death, by Hy Conrad, a Review

Toured to Death Book Cover

Lately I've read mysteries about unattached thirty-something year old women who solve mysteries while running 1) a catering service, 2) a book store, and 3) a chocolate company. This time, in Toured to Death, the young lady, Amy Abel, age 30 or so, owns a travel agency with her mother Fanny.

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Most of the information here is about my family or my wife’s, or about families with ties to Cleveland, Ohio, or the area near Rostrevor and Kilkeel in County Down, Ireland. There are also some unrelated families included that I came across. Whatever the case, I hope the material is helpful in your own efforts.
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