Bridget Brennan

Birth Name Bridget Brennan
Gender female
Age at Death about 81 years, 2 months, 1 day


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth about March 22, 1842 County Down, Ireland   1a 2a
Baptism March 22, 1842 Kilbroney Catholic Parish, County Down, Ireland   2a
Event Note

Kilbroney Church Records
22 March 1842
Bridget daughter [of] Peter Brennan and Elizabeth Feran
sponsors: James Hughes and Catherine Brennan


Census (Head) March 31, 1901 Ballincurry Townland, Killowen, Kilbroney Civil Parish, County Down, Ireland   1b
Event Note

1901 Census of Ireland
31 March 1901

Residents of a house 12 in Ballinacurry (Killowen, Down)
Bridget Brennan, 55 Head female, Not married, Roman Catholic, can read and write, Occupation: Governess, Birthplace: County Down, does not speak Irish


Census (Sister) April 2, 1911 Ballincurry Townland, Killowen, Kilbroney Civil Parish, County Down, Ireland   3a
Event Note

1911 Census of Ireland
2 April 1911
house 12 in Ballincurry (Killowen, Down)

Catherine Brennan, 43, head, farmer
Bridget Brennan, 68, sister, no occupation

both single, Roman Catholic, born in County Down, can read and write, but don't read Irish

Residence after 1912 Ballincurry Townland, Killowen, Kilbroney Civil Parish, County Down, Ireland   4a
Event Note

The Valuation Revision Books for Parcels 6A, 6B, Ballincurry from 1915 to 1929 are confusing.
There are many dates and names and I can't match them up to tell when the land changed hands.
Bridget might have held the land from 1923 to 1925.
Dates: 1915, 1920, 1923 in pink, 1925
names: David Sloan, Bridget Brennan [Brennan is pink], David Sloan again

Death May 23, 1923 Ballincurry Townland, Killowen, Kilbroney Civil Parish, County Down, Ireland   5a
Event Note

Based on the transactions in the Valuation Revision Books, and on Bridget's baptism date, I think this is her.

D/1923/128/1015/8/46 Bridget Brennan 23rd May 1923 84 Female Kilkeel(pre-1973 Q4)

Kilkeel Registrar's
23 May 1923
in Ballincurry, Killowen D.E.D.
Bridget Brennan, spinster, 84, home worker, of rheumatic endocarditis [duration] 14 days, exhausion, certified.
informant: Annie Sloane, of Ballincurry, Killowen, present at death.

[Annie Sloane could be Annie Doyle, wife of William Sloan, in house 16 in Ballincurry in 1911.]


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Peter Brennanbefore October 12, 1863
Mother Elizabeth Feran
    Sister     Mary Brennan about September 16, 1838 February 14, 1882
    Brother     Arthur Brennan about April 7, 1840
         Bridget Brennan about March 22, 1842 May 23, 1923
    Sister     Elizabeth Brennan about May 4, 1846
    Sister     Catherine Brennan about May 9, 1847 May 17, 1912

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