Maria Emily Rodgers

Birth Name Maria Emily Rodgers
Gender female
Age at Death unknown


no marriage 1921 to 1949 anywhere
no death 1921 to 1964 anywhere


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth from 1883 to 1884 County Down, Ireland   1a
Census (Daughter) March 31, 1901 Ballymadeerfy Townland, Kilkeel Civil Parish, County Down, Ireland   1a
Event Note

1901 Census of Ireland
31 March 1901
Household 5 in Ballymadeerfy Place of Birth

John Rodgers Head RC 49 M Farmer M Down
Mary Rodgers Wife RC 49 F M Down
Maria Rodgers Dau RC 18 F S Down
Patrick Rodgers Son RC 17 M Farmer S Down
William Rodgers Son RC 15 M Farmer S Down
Selena Rodgers Dau RC 13 F S Down

Census (Daughter) April 2, 1911 Ballymadeerfy Townland, Kilkeel Civil Parish, County Down, Ireland   2a
Event Note


1911 Census of Ireland
2 April 1911
Residents of house number 2 in Ballymadeerfy (Greencastle, Down)
Surname Forename Age Sex
Rogers John 65 Male, farmer
Rogers Mary 66 Female
Rogers Maria 27 Female
Rogers Celia 21 Female

John and Mary had been married 35 years. They had 6 children born alive. All 6 were still alive. All in the household were Roman Catholic and could read and write. The column for whether they could speak Irish was not filled in.


Witness July 23, 1909 St. Colman's, Kilkeel, Kilkeel Civil Parish, County Down, Ireland   3a
Event Note

Maria was a witness at her sister Catherine's wedding


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father John M Rodgersbetween 1846 and 1852after September 25, 1912
Mother Mary Rodgersbetween 1846 and 1852after 1911
    Sister     Margaret Rodgers February 12, 1875
    Sister     Catherine Teresa Rodgers October 1, 1876
    Brother     Patrick Rodgers May 10, 1881 April 30, 1955
         Maria Emily Rodgers from 1883 to 1884
    Sister     Selina Rodgers June 12, 1886
    Brother     William Rodgers about 1887 July 3, 1922


Family of Patrick Joseph Morgan and Maria Emily Rodgers

Married Husband Patrick Joseph Morgan ( b. d. ... )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage September 25, 1912 Kilkeel Catholic Parish, County Down, Ireland   3b
Event Note

Kilkeel 2 Registration District
Marriage at Roman Catholic Church of Kilkeel
September 25, 1912

Patrick Joseph Morgan, a bachelor of full age of Ballymadurphy, a seaman. father: Felix Morgan, dead.
Mary Emily Rogers, a spinster of full age, of Ballymadurphy. father: John Rogers, alive
witnesses: Lena Rogers and Pat Owen? Kenney


Name Birth Date Death Date
Mary Josephine MorganApril 24, 1914
Elizabeth MorganNovember 19, 1918

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