Mary Finnerty

Birth Name Mary Finnerty
Gender female
Age at Death unknown


Mentioned in the death notice of her brother John in 1954 as "the late Mary [Finnerty]". Could she be the Mrs Hugh McDonald who her mother Celia/Sabina (Gallagher) Finnerty said was her nearest relative in Ireland when she planned to come to the US in 1920? If so, she had a son named Patrick. See Celia's notes/


Event Date Place Description Sources

His age at death said he was born in 1851
His 1901 and 1911 censuses said he was born in 1852



Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father John Finnerty1835August 7, 1904
Mother Cecelia Gallagherabout 1837February 6, 1932
    Brother     Patrick Finnerty March 18, 1915
    Sister     Bridget Finnerty February 15, 1866 March 5, 1946
    Sister     Elleanna Finnerty June 7, 1868
    Brother     John Finnerty June 25, 1870 before November 8, 1954
    Brother     Andrew J Finnerty August 20, 1872 after November 8, 1954
    Brother     Hugo Finnerty May 10, 1875 July 20, 1914
    Brother     Thomas Finnerty about 1875 before October 28, 1946
    Brother     Michael Joseph Finnerty March 30, 1878 January 26, 1946
    Brother     Anthony Finnerty December 19, 1880
         Mary Finnerty