David Sloan

Birth Name David Sloan
Gender male
Age at Death unknown


No marriage or death for David in Kilkeel Civil Parish from 1895 to 1922.

is this David on the Brennan's farm?
Valuation Revision Books, Ballincurry
6A 6B
from 1915 to 1929, dates and names - I can't match them up:
Dates in last column: 1915, 1920, 1923 in pink, 1925
names in first column: David Sloan, Bridget Brennan in pink, David Sloan again



Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth February 21, 1876 Ballincurry Townland, Killowen, Kilbroney Civil Parish, County Down, Ireland   1a

Superintendent Registrar's District: Kilkeel. Registrar's District: Rostrevor. County Down

February 21, 1876 Ballincurry
David [son of] James Sloan a farmer of Ballincurry, and Mary Sloan, formerly Brennan. informant: Kate Brennan, of Ballincurry, present at birth


Baptism February 22, 1876 Kilbroney Civil Parish, County Down, Ireland   2a
Event Note

Kilbroney Parish Registers
February 22, 1876, Baptism
David, of James Sloan and Mary Brennan. Sponsors: John Sloan and Catherine Brennan

Residence October 29, 1895 Ballincurry Townland, Killowen, Kilbroney Civil Parish, County Down, Ireland   3a
Event Note

David was listed as his brother Thomas' next of kin when Thomas enlisted in the Royal Marine Artillery in 1895. Thomas' record says David was living in Ballincurry.

Military Service from May 19, 1896 to May 17, 1908     4a
Event Note

UK Royal Navy Registers of Seamen's Services
The National Archives of the UK; Kew, Surrey, England; Royal Navy Registers of Seamen's Services; Class: ADM 188; Piece: 452

David Sloan
Service Number 282567
born 20 March 1876, Ballincurry, Co Down
occupation: laborer
5'6", dark brown hair, grey eyes, fresh complexion
service dates: 19 May 1896 to 17 May 1908
various ships, character very good in all entries

Emigration after 1908 New Zealand   5
Event Note

Went to New Zealand, according to a descendant of his brother Thomas' son James.



Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father James Sloanabout 1832April 17, 1895
Mother Mary Brennanabout September 16, 1838February 14, 1882
    Sister     Susan Sloan December 8, 1870 June 19, 1903
    Brother     Peter Sloan April 14, 1872 July 10, 1894
    Sister     Ellen Maria Sloan August 22, 1873 October 22, 1939
    Brother     Thomas “Gunner” Sloan December 3, 1874 October 30, 1960
         David Sloan February 21, 1876
    Brother     Francis “Francie” Sloan August 8, 1877
    Brother     Matthew Sloan April 27, 1879 October 14, 1917


Type Value Notes Sources
Merged Gramps ID I1037

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