John Burke

Birth Name John Burke
Gender male
Age at Death unknown


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth about 1851 County Galway, Ireland   1a
Census (Head) March 31, 1901 Cloondergan Townland, County Galway, Ireland   1a
Event Note

1901 Census of Ireland
31 March 1901
Residents of a house 8 in Cloondergan (Addergoole, Galway)

Burke John 50 Male Head of Family
Burke Mary 47 Female Wife
Burke Martin 25 Male Son
Burke Nora 24 Female Daughter in Law
Burke Thomas 20 Male Son
Burke Thomas 1 Male Grand Son

All Roman Catholic, all born in Galway, all old enough could read and write English. John and Mary could speak Irish. Thomas (20) is not described as blind on this census, as he is in 1911.



Family of John Burke and Mary Kielty

Married Wife Mary Kielty ( b. about 1853 d. ... )
Name Birth Date Death Date
Michael BurkeSeptember 28, 1867June 9, 1941
Martin BurkeAugust 11, 1870June 6, 1955
Thomas Burkeabout 1881

Source References

  1. 1901 Census of Ireland
      • Page: house 8 in Cloondergan Addergoole, Galway