This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of Burke. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Name Birth Death Partner Parents
Burke Mary  
Barney/Bartley Burke about 1877   Burke Mary
Bridget Burke     John O'Malley  
Charles J Burke about 1917   James P Burke Sarah Meade
Dorothy Burke August 21, 1912 July 17, 2011 John Nemeth James P Burke Sarah Meade
Irene E Burke about 1921   James P Burke Sarah Meade
James Burke about May 1915   James P Burke Sarah Meade
James P Burke September 4, 1882 June 20, 1962 Sarah Meade Burke Mary
John Burke about 1851 Mary Kielty  
John Burke April 14, 1908   Martin Burke Nora O'Toole
John Burke about October 1919   James P Burke Sarah Meade
Joseph P Burke about January 1910   James P Burke Sarah Meade
Martin Burke August 11, 1870 June 6, 1955 Nora O'Toole John Burke Mary Kielty
Mary Theresa Burke September 20, 1901 March 12, 2006 James O'Rourke Martin Burke Nora O'Toole
Matthew Burke     Helen M McHugh  
Michael Burke September 28, 1867 June 9, 1941 Mary Mackin John Burke Mary Kielty
Michael Burke about 1887 February 27, 1935 Margaret McEvoy  
Michael Burke June 24, 1909   Martin Burke Nora O'Toole
Sadie Burke about 1916   James P Burke Sarah Meade
Sarah H Burke August 22, 1906 December 24, 1987 Jeffery O'Donahue, Nicholas P Greene Martin Burke Nora O'Toole
Thomas Burke about 1881   John Burke Mary Kielty
Thomas Burke December 9, 1899   Martin Burke Nora O'Toole
Winifred Anne Burke June 20, 1904 October 27, 2001 Peter Corrigan Martin Burke Nora O'Toole