John Paine Deacon

Birth Name John Paine Deacon
Gender male


Event Date Place Description Sources
Death 1731      


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Thomas PaineAugust 16, 1706
Mother Mary Snowbefore 1636April 28, 1704
    Brother     Thomas Paine
    Brother     Samuel Paine October 13, 1712
    Brother     Elisha Paine
         John Paine Deacon 1731
    Brother     Nicholas Paine 1733
    Brother     James Paine July 6, 1665
    Brother     Joseph Paine October 1, 1712
    Sister     Dorcas Paine
    Sister     Mary Paine


    Family of John Paine Deacon and Benner Freeman
Married Wife Benner Freeman
Event Date Place Description Sources

John and Benner (Freeman) Paine may be the great-grandparents of John Howard Paine, an actor about whom the 1914 movie "Home Sweet Home" was written. John Howard's father was William, and his mother may have been Miss. Osborne. There is conflicting ancestry in John Howard's biography.


  1. Thomas Paine
    1. Mary Snow
      1. Thomas Paine
      2. Samuel Paine
      3. Elisha Paine
      4. John Paine Deacon
        1. Benner Freeman
      5. Nicholas Paine
      6. James Paine
      7. Joseph Paine
      8. Dorcas Paine
      9. Mary Paine