Birth Name Tarsney
Gender male
Age at Death unknown


The marriage record of this man's son James in Co Louth on November 12, 1891, says his name was James.
The death record of this man's son James in Brooklyn on 24 Nov 1911, says his name was Felix.


Event Date Place Description Sources
Death before November 12, 1891     1a
Event Note

The marriage record of his son James, November 12, 1891, in Co Louth, said that his father James had died.


Family of Tarsney and Mary Kenny

Married Wife Mary Kenny ( b. d. ... )
Name Birth Date Death Date
James Tarsneyabout 1865November 24, 1911


    1. Tarsney
      1. Mary Kenny
        1. James Tarsney

Source References

  1. Irish Civil Registration Records, Marriages
      • Page: November 12, 1891, Registrars District: Dundalk, Co Louth, marriage at RC Chapel in Killanny