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Given Name Birth Death Partner Parents
    Lancelot Billop\Billope  
Lucie K Villa  
Agnes about 1893   James Thomas Billups  
Ann Elizabeth Peter Dobson  
Anna June 5, 1886 February 8, 1929 Henry Norman “Harry” “Hadd” Hamilton  
Anna     Frederick Weber  
Anna Christina     Matthias Kern  
Barbra about 1608 1692 Hans Weber  
Catherine Thomas Knowles  
Catherine about 1880 Peter Pilar  
Elisabeth     Nicholas Hertzog  
Elizabeth about 1825 George Jenkinson  
Elizabeth John Crum  
Elizabeth about 1835 Barney Donahue  
Elsie about 1895   Judson C. Billups  
Estelle M. about 1905   Jay Murray Billups  
Laura about 1810 Robert Edwards  
Margaret D. about 1868 Thomas Windsor  
Rosamund Robert Cropley  
Sarah     Henry F. Kulp  
Sibilla     John Funck  
Susan     Daniel Lavely  
Susan 1796 Hugh Donahue  
Virginia 1913 Edward F Dobson  

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