This page contains an index of all the individuals in the database with the surname of <absent>. Selecting the person’s name will take you to that person’s individual page.

Name Birth Death Partner
    James Altimus
    John Herron
    Daniel C. Morris
    James R. Clossin
    Lancelot Billop\Billope
    David Dick
    Joseph? Kenrick Dick
    Raymond D Cupps
Lucie K Villa
Agnes about 1893   James Thomas Billups
Amanda Melvina about 1830 before July 1, 1863 Alexander M Service
Amey John Davidson
Ann Elizabeth Peter Dobson
Anna     Frederick Weber
Anna about 1860 John Snyder
Anna June 5, 1886 February 8, 1929 Henry Norman “Harry” “Hadd” Hamilton
Anna about 1889   Louis N Edwards
Anna Christina     Matthias Kern
Annie E. October 1869 Hanson Briscoe Pigman
Barbra about 1608 1692 Hans Weber
Catherine Thomas Knowles
Catherine about 1880 Peter Pilar
Clara January 1854 Philip Malancthon Snyder
Cleopatra about 1860 Daniel C. Morris
Edith 1878 William Clossin
Edith D about 1889   John Andrew Bolar
Eleanor E. about 1899   Harry Gantt
Elisabeth     Nicholas Hertzog
Elizabeth John Crum
Elizabeth about 1825 George Jenkinson
Elizabeth about 1835 Barney Donahue
Elizabeth July 30, 1904 July 23, 1991 Harry Furniss
Elizabeth S June 26, 1908 December 1, 1982 Robb Kiel Furniss
Elsie about 1895   Judson C. Billups
Emma about 1858 Harry K. Snyder
Estelle M. about 1905   Jay Murray Billups
Eva D. October 1869 Samuel Hasson
Frances     Francis Warner
Jane T about 1840 August 29, 1907 Alexander M Service
Jennie about 1879   Daniel S. Webster
Josephine March 9, 1908   George Prettyman Biggs
Josephine D. about 1892   John Noon
Kate A. about 1856 John A. Bolar
Laura about 1810 Robert Edwards
Mabel     Jacob Arthur Snyder
Mamie about 1875 Charles D. Snyder
Margaret March 1858 Daniel Morris Pigman
Margaret D. about 1868 Thomas Windsor
Margaret J. October 1858 George A. Billups
Martha about 1901   William Kern Martinez
Mary about 1803 John Price
Matilda about 1904 Alvin Newton Preston
May 1885 George Walton Billups
Nancy     Samuel Ream
Ola G. June 25, 1889 May 1976 Morris N. Pigman
Rose B. January 1878 1963 Charles E. Edwards
Sarah     Henry F. Kulp
Sarah about 1863 McCracken
Sibilla     John Funck
Susan     Daniel Lavely
Susan 1796 Hugh Donahue
Violet about 1896   John Walter Callwood
Virginia 1913 Edward F Dobson