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Name Birth Death Partner
Edwards Florinda Ellis
Charles E. Edwards February 1872 November 11, 1902 Rose B.
Child Edwards      
Child Edwards      
David E. Edwards September 1898    
David H Edwards May 28, 1843 October 15, 1915 Maria C. Hamilton
David Mervin Edwards January 1884  
Florence T. Edwards December 1878  
Gertrude Edwards November 1869 April 3, 1954  
Gilbert N. Edwards August 1886 Ellen McCracken
Harry G. Edwards August 1881 Anna M Snyder
James Ira Edwards March 1874 1940 Alma E Forrester
Louis N Edwards November 1889   Anna
Martin Edwards about 1900    
Theodore Edwards March 5, 1919 October 23, 2002  
William M. Edwards August 1876