Agnes (McKenzie) McGrath Rodgers, of Cleveland, Ohio

Agnes McKenzie, 1915

Agnes McKenzie, 1915

In the Rodgers' 50th anniversary photo, the lady to the left is identified as Agnes McGraw. I believe she is actually Agnes (McKenzie) McGrath Rodgers. There was a McGrath family connected to the Rodgers, but no McGraws.

Agnes was born in Gore of Lochaber, Ottawa Co., Quebec, Canada,  on March 27, 1876, the daughter of George McKenzie and Bridget Doherty.  (Source: the Carter and Patrick family of Canada at They are found on the 1881 Census of Gore of Lochaber.

Agnes McKenzie married James McGrath in Cuyahoga County, Ohio, on November 22, 1899, and had two children, Alice and James.

After her husband James died, Agnes married William Rodgers, who had three children from an earlier marriage: Anna May, Grace, and Coletta. Together Agnes and William also had three children: Edward, Agnes, and William.

Their daughter Agnes had just died prior to this group picture being taken, which explains why Agnes is dressed in black and looks pretty solemn. Her husband William died not long after the picture, on April 23, 1915.

In 1937 Agnes and her children Alice (McGrath) Mulzer and William Rodgers moved to California, where Agnes died in 1961.