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These are links to a transcription of thirty-five letters written by Harry and Agnes (Gratton) Billups, of Mifflin County, Pennsylvania, back to Agnes’ sister Emily (Gratton) Hall in Derbyshire, England.

I have transcribed the letters as they were written, without correcting spelling or pronunciation. The brackets indicate my best guess at the word in the text, my marginal comments, etc. You can generally tell who wrote the letter by these guidelines: Henry doesn't capitalize "i" and spells sister as "Syster" in the greetings; otherwise Henry capitalized more than Agnes; and Agnes drops her "h's" and spells brother as "bruther".

Joseph Kern Family

Henry and Sarah (Kern) Kiel

Family Bible of Henry and Sarah (Kern) Kiel

For a transcription of the Bible record see the article: Henry and Sarah (Kern) Kiel, Family Bible.

1847 Letter from Henry to Sarah "Sally" Kiel

Jack Hamilton, a great-grandson of Henry and Sarah Kiel, transcribed this letter. His transcription is here:

Kiel Bible, Jack Hamilton's transcription, page 1
Kiel Bible, Jack Hamilton's transcription, page 2

For another transcription of the letter see the article: Henry and Sarah Kiel, 1847 Letter

Mary Ann Snider, Reminiscences

A third cousin has provided me with this unpublished manuscript of our great-great aunt's memoirs. For a brief introduction, see the article,  Mary Ann Snider, Reminiscences.  For a surname index to the manuscript see the article A Surname Index to Mary Ann Snider's Reminiscences.