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Harry and Agnes (Gratton) Billups, Letters

The documents section of this website has a transcription of thirty-five letters sent by Henry "Harry" Billups and his wife Agnes Gratton from Mifflin County, Pennsylvania, to Agnes' sister Emily Hall in Derbyshire, England.

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The Hamilton Family and the 1889 Johnstown Flood

n 1889 my great grandparents Joseph and Eckie Hamilton were living in and managing a boarding house at 136 Jackson Street, Johnstown, Pennsylvania. On May 31 of that year the Johnstown Flood hit the city taking 2209 lives, the greatest one day loss of life on U.S. soil until September 11, 2001.

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Evaline B Jeralds of Yalesville, Connecticut

In September 1882, Miss E B Jeralds of Yalesville, Connecticut, received a letter from someone in Wilmore, Pennsylvania. What can we find out about Miss Jeralds and her correspondent in Wilmore?

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Henry "Harry" Billups, Pittsburgh, 1890


Henry Billups was last known to be alive in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in January and February 1890.

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James and Jennie Patterson of Washington County, Pennsylvania

On August 9, 1912, Miss J L Patterson, of Washington County, Pennsylvania, received a post card from her brother Jim postmarked South Euclid, Ohio. The message read

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Patrick McQuaid, Jacob Kern, George W Kern, of Greensburgh, PA, Indenture Papers

Below is a transcription of the indenture papers of Patrick McQuaid, apprentice to Jacob S and George W Kern in Greensburgh, Pennsylvania, beginning April 30, 1827.

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The Wallace Sisters, Johnstown, Pennsylvania, 1872

On Friday August 30, 1872, the Wallace Sisters–Jennie, Minnie, and Maud–appeared in Johnstown, Pennsylvania, most likely at Johnstown's theater, the Union Hall, at the corner of Washington and Franklin streets. The photograph accompanying this article probably has been in my family ever since that date ...

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Most of the information here is about my family or my wife’s, or about families with ties to Cleveland, Ohio, or the area near Rostrevor and Kilkeel in County Down, Ireland. There are also some unrelated families included that I came across. Whatever the case, I hope the material is helpful in your own efforts.
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