Bartley Carr of Tonabrocky, Galway, and Cleveland

In 1910 there was a man boarding with my great grandfather named Bartley Carr. He was unrelated to our family. Here are a few things about him from my research.

Bartley Carr was born about 1884 in Galway, Ireland, the son of Walter Carr and Honora Kelly.1, 6

In 1901 Bartley, age 15, is living with his father and mother, both age 60, and his siblings Thomas (28), Anne (26), and John (20), in house number 14, Tonabrocky Townland, in the Civil Parish of Rahoon, Barony of Galway, District Electoral Division of Barna, in the County of Galway. None of the children are married; the parents could not read or write; all are Roman Catholic; Walter Carr was a farmer. It was a two room stone, concrete, or brick dwelling with a thatched roof and two windows. As such it was classified as a third class dwelling.2

Bartley arrived in the United States on April 29, 1908, aboard the SS Campania, which had left Queenstown on April 23. he was 25, single, a laborer of Irish nationality who was a British subject. He was 5'8" with fair complexion, fair hair, and blue eyes. His last residence was Galway. His closest relative in his home country was his father Walter Carr, whose home was written as "Thonanbrucky" Galway. Bartley's destination was the home of his cousin Martin Kelly, at 9537 Meech Ave, Cleveland. He had paid for trip himself, held $15 and a ticket to his destination. He had not been in the US before.1

In the 1909 Cleveland City Directory we find Bartley Carr and Martin J Kelly residing at 9406 Meech. Bartley is a laborer and Martin is a rougher. From 1910 to 1916 Bartley, now Bernard, is listed at 4025 East 89th.3 He appears on the 1910 Census in the household of my great grandfather, Edward Rodgers, at that address. On the census he is called Barney. He is described as a 25 year old laborer in a wire mill who was born in Ireland to parents who were also born there. He arrived in this country in 1908. 4

Barney's cousin Martin Kelly is married and living at 9512 Harvard Ave in 1910 and is at 9214 Harvard Ave in the 1915 and 1916 Directories.3, 5

On August 27, 1917, Barney Carr died of acute myocarditis at City Hospital, Cleveland. His cousin, Martin Kelly, of "9314" Harvard Ave was the informant. Barney's parents' names are given as Walter Carr and "Hanor" Kelly. Barney had been working as an orderly at City Hospital, and had been seen by a doctor from April 27, 1917, until the day of his death. He was buried in Calvary Cemetery on August 29, 1917, from the John P McGreal funeral home at 9023 Harvard.6

Somewhere, someone is wondering whatever happened to their ancestor's brother or cousin, Bartley Carr from Tonabrocky Townland, Galway. I hope this article will help.


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