Cornelius Keating of Cleveland, Ohio

4025 East 89th

My great grandfather Ned Rodgers usually had a boarder or two in his house at 4025 East 89th, Cleveland, in addition to his family of nine, and his daughter Margaret Cushing kept up the tradition. Margaret owned the home in 1920, and besides herself, her mother, two daughters, her sister and her four children, and another two nieces, she had a boarder named Con Keating. I've written articles about the other Rodgers' boarders, so here goes the article about Mr. Keating.

According to his death record, Cornelius Keating was born on May 11, 1859, in Cleveland, Ohio, the son of John Keating who had been born in Ireland. In the course of my research I found that Cornelius' mother's name was Sarah, but I didn't find her maiden name.

The family was at 2553 Bluff, on the southeast side of Cleveland, by 1876. That became 2553 Bissell, then 86 Bissell, and then 4134 East 76th Street. John Keating died there in 1892, and Sarah Keating was still living there in 1920. She died in 1923 at the Little Sisters of the Poor home on Superior Avenue but was buried from Holy Name, so I imagine that East 76th was her home address when she died.

For his part, Cornelius married Mary Downs on March 28, 1900. They had three children, but only one, John, lived to adulthood. Mary died March 28, 1913, and Cornelius on May 26, 1927. They are both buried in St Joseph Catholic Cemetery, Cleveland.

Con Keating ended up boarding with the Rodgers clan after Mary's death. When she died in 1913, they were living at 4018 East 89th, so it was a short step to the Rodgers' home when Con was left without a wife. Their son John was with his maternal uncle in 1920, though he and his father were together at 1389 Penhurst on the northeast side by the time of Con's death in 1927.

I'd hoped to find the Irish place of origin for the Keatings, but could not from the available records. That's twice that I've drawn a blank on someone named Keating.

What I did learn along the way was that the name was probably originallly pronounced something like Cat'n with a long A. The earlier records often had spellings like Caton, Cating, etc. In fact the 1880 census had John and "Conroy" listed as "Kayton." Cornelius signed his wife's death record as "C. Kating."

So there you go, just about all I know about Cornelius "Con" Keating, one of the multitude of boarders at 4025 East 89th over the years. He is the last that I know of—I wonder if any more will turn up.

Sources and a little more information are in the Ohio Families section of this website.

Most of the information here is about my family or my wife’s, or about families with ties to Cleveland, Ohio, or the area near Rostrevor and Kilkeel in County Down, Ireland. There are also some unrelated families included that I came across. Whatever the case, I hope the material is helpful in your own efforts.
-- Ed Hamilton