Mary Raimer, 1922, Newburgh, Cleveland

Mary Raimer,

This website includes a picture of the 1922 second grade class at Holy Name Parish on Broadway on the southeast side of Cleveland. My mother was in that class and identified most of the children in the picture. She identified the second young woman from our left in the second row as Mary Raimer. There was a Mary Raimer described below, who is probably her.

I'm not as sure of this identification as I am of the others in this series because of the distance from her home to the school. But I don't know if there were any Catholic schools closer to her at the time. I think there was a parish, but not a school.

Mary Raimer was born October 26, 1913, the daughter of Philip and Rose (Alten) Raimer. In 1920 the family was living on Libby Road in Maple Heights. The address is not on the census, but later records show that it was 17325 Libby. Beside Mary and her parents, there were her brothers and sisters: Raymond, Philip, Joseph, Loretta, Clement, Coletta, Gerald, and Bernard. Two older sisters, Gertrude and Isabelle, had already left home. Mary, her mother, and her brother Bernard were still at that address in 1940.

About 1948 or 1949 Mary E Raimer married Edward J Toeppe. At first they lived at the Libby Road home, then by 1954 they moved to Bedford. Mary and Edward Toeppe were living in Bedford when Edward died in March of 1977. Mary (Raimer) Toeppe died in 1997. I didn't find any children connected to them on the records.

The Raimers

Philip Raimer was born November 24, 1863, in Independence, the second known son of John B Raimer and Johanna Gertrude Te Kniepe. John seems to be on the 1860 census of Newburgh Township in the household of John and Catherine Raimer. I'm assuming that John B Raimer is the son of at least John, though whether by Catherine or an earlier wife, I'm not sure.

There is also a Philip Raimer in Bedford Township about the same time. When Philip's widow Katherine administered his will, a John B Raimer provided surety. In 1880, Philip had a 12 year old niece named Genevieve Rose in his home. John B's son Philip's first wife was named Genevieve Rose. His second wife was Rose I Alten whose mother's maiden name was Rose. I've tentatively linked the older Philip and John B Raimer as brothers.

Johanna Te Kniepe was baptized June 26, 1843, at St. George Catholic Church, Bocholt, Westphalia, Germany, the daughter of Gerhard Heinrich Te Kniepe and Hendrina Dewitt. Six of her siblings are on the baptismal records at familysearch as well. I don't know what happened to Gerhard Heinrich Te Kniepe. Hendrina–now as Henrietta–and the children are on the 1860 Census of Ward 5 in Cleveland. Most of the neighboring families had at least one member born in Holland.

As for the Te Kniepe surname, I'm pretty sure that it is Dutch, but I'm not positive. It was spelled every which way, the indexers had trouble with it, and the family was difficult to find on the US records.

The Altens

As mentioned, Philip Raimer's second wife, the mother of Mary, was Rose I Alten. They were married October 22, 1895, in Cuyahoga County and had nine children. The Alten family history is thoroughly researched in the Rivers Family Tree at Rather than rehash it here I refer you to that site.


Sources and more information for the Raimers are in the Ohio Families tree on this site. If you are a relative or descendant of Mary Raimer you are welcome to download the class picture and pass it on. If you would like a larger image, with possibly better resolution, contact me.