Nellie Pyeatt Holmes of Lenora, Oklahoma

1967 postcard from Garden Grove, California, to Haddon, Oklahoma

1967 postcard from Garden Grove, California, to Haddon, Oklahoma

In August 1967, Mrs Nellie Holmes of Woodward, Oklahoma, received a postcard from her daughter in Garden Grove, California, which read:

Aug 5 1967
Dear Mother:
I hope this finds you ok and weather is more agreeable. It is hot here in Garden Grove, too. So dusty, also. We are at Hubert's just now. It is hard to get at writing when one is away from home. Ray is taking the usual shots and pills from a doctor here.
Love, Audrey
Next time I'll try to write you a letter.

Can we learn a little about these people?


Nellie Pyeatt was born March 5, 1876, in Illinois, the daughter of Jacob Pyeatt and Margaret Jane Ellison. She married John Holmes on May 15, 1895, at her father's home in St Clair County, Missouri. They began their marriage in Lenora, Oklahoma and had two daughters: Lenora and Audrey.

Nellie's husband John died from an accident on their farm in Doby Springs in 1917 and Nellie and her daughters moved back to Lenora. Lenora and her husband stayed in Oklahoma; Audrey and her husband Jim moved to California between 1935 and 1940. Hence the postcard from Audrey in California to Nellie in care of her daughter, back in Oklahoma. Nellie died in October 1967, shortly after receiving the card.


Usually I include a few generations of family history for the families I find on postcards, but the Pyeatt and Holmes families have been well researched. You can find that here: Nellie Pyeatt, familysearch tree. And for the Pyeatts, look here also: Jacob and Margaret Jane Ellison Pyeatt, at

Lenora, Oklahoma

There is some information about the city of Lenora on line as well. Ghost Towns of Oklahoma by John Wesley Morris, at Google Books, allowed me to preview the page on Lenora when I tried it, your mileage may vary. The book was written in 1977 and said a few people still lived there. Currently it is uninhabited, at least according to this video at youtube: Ghost Town of Lenora Oklahoma.

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