Some Hamiltons in Hawkins and Sullivan Counties, Tennessee, 1784 to 1796

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Continued from Hiram Lansford Fields, of Hawkins County, Tennessee.

In the first two articles we placed Preston Fields and Hiram Lansford Fields in Hawkins County, Tennessee, in 1796 and afterward. That was the easy part.

The next questions are: 1) Were there any Hamiltons in the area at the time? and 2) Which of them is the father of Preston? The short answers are 1) Yes, plenty, and 2) I have no idea.

The ones I found:

Joseph Hamilton, about whom says: "A native of Virginia, where he was admitted to the bar; moved to Hawkins County, 1784, and subsequently became a prominent lawyer in Tennessee (Caldwell, Bench and Bar, Tennessee., pp. 77-82)." and "He was licensed to practise as [an Attorney] in the several courts of Law and Equity, 1 Nov 1790."1 and: "He was appointed Attorney and County Solicitor for Hawkins County, 26 Feb 1791."2

James Hamilton, about whom says: He was appointed a Cornet in the Cavalry for the District of Washington, 3 Nov 1790.3

I noticed that the family numbers in the sources are not the same for these two men. Maybe Joseph was mentioned with another family, that is understandable. But do the different family numbers mean that James was not related to Joseph? I don't know. You would probably have to find's original source to learn the answer.

From the tax records for Sullivan County for 1796:4

Abram Hamilton, acres: 131
Joshua Hamilton, acres: 590
John Hamilton, acres: none

Thomas Hamilton, acres: none
Thomas Hamilton, acres: none

The two men above were bracketed together and with the same information

Rich'd Hamilton, acres: none
Benj'm Hamilton, acres: none

I grouped these men together if they were immediately after each other on the list. The list itself was grouped only by the first letter of the surname, but not strictly alphabetically after that. So are Abram, Joshua and John one family; Thomas and Thomas another; and Richard and Benjamin still another?

Continued in Thomas Hamilton of Bedford County, Virginia, and Some DNA results.


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The image of a DNA strand comes from Wikipedia:File:DNA orbit animated static thumb.png.