Edward Rourke

Birth Name Edward Rourke
Gender male
Age at Death unknown


I did not find for Edward Rourke:
- a marriage 1871-1901 in any of these sources: Kilkeel Civil Marriage Register index, Kilbroney Parish Register transcription, Kilkeel Civil Register
- a death 1871-1901, in any of these sources: Kilbroney Parish Register transcription, Kilkeel Civil Register



Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth before February 21, 1851     1a
Baptism February 21, 1851 Kilbroney Catholic Parish, County Down, Ireland   1a
Event Note

Kilbroney Catholic Parish Register, Baptisms
21 February 1851
Owen Rourke, Mary Feran
Mark Brennan, Bridget Rourke
"Mary" is probably a mistake in the records.



Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Owen RourkeOctober 1819January 4, 1873
Mother Ann Feran1814April 12, 1905
    Sister     Mary Rourke before September 13, 1844
    Sister     Elizabeth Rourke before October 22, 1845
    Brother     Thomas Rourke before March 28, 1847
         Edward Rourke before February 21, 1851
    Sister     Mary Rourke before September 28, 1852 June 1925
    Brother     Richard Rourke before July 14, 1854 June 1, 1880
    Brother     James Rourke before August 15, 1856 1939

Source References

  1. Kilbroney Catholic Parish Registers
      • Page: 21 February 1851, Edward Rourke