Margaret Rourke

Birth Name Margaret Rourke
Gender female


Event Date Place Description Sources
Baptism December 13, 1855 Kilbroney Civil Parish, County Down, Ireland   1a

Kilbroney Parish Registers, Baptisms
December 13, 1855
Margaret [daughter] of Edward Rorke, Rose Fegan
sponsors: Patrick Fearon and Mary Hughes

Informant (Informant) April 4, 1894     2a
Event Note

Maggie Magee, daughter of Edward Rourke, was the informant on his death record when he died.

Census (Wife) March 31, 1901 Kirkdale, Liverpool, Lancashire, England 57 Hogarth Road 3a
Event Note

indexed as Magel at
1901 Census Kirkdale Civil Parish, Lancashire, England
sub-district: Kirkdale
Registration District: West Derby
Schedule 119, page 18
at 57 Hogarth Road

William Magee, head, 49, carpenter, born in Ireland
Maggie Magee, wife, 44, born in Ireland


Census (Wife) April 2, 1911 Kirkdale, Liverpool, Lancashire, England 57 Hogarth Road 4a
Event Note

1911 Census Kirkdale Civil Parish, Lancashire, England
Registration District: West Derby
at 57 Hogarth Road, Kirkdale
William Magee, head, 59, married, no children, occupation: ship wright, carpenter, born in Down, Ireland
Marget Magee, wife, 54, married, born in Down, Ireland

Death February 23, 1947     5
Burial   Kilbroney Cemetery, Rostrevor, Kilbroney Civil Parish, County Down, Ireland   5


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Edward Rourkeabout 1824April 4, 1894
Mother Rose Faganbefore 1901
    Sister     Mary Ann Rourke September 14, 1853 September 6, 1939
         Margaret Rourke December 13, 1855 February 23, 1947
    Brother     James O'Rourke February 18, 1858 July 18, 1922
    Brother     John O'Rourke January 22, 1860 April 28, 1912
    Brother     William Rourke May 11, 1862 February 19, 1942
    Brother     Edward Rourke May 14, 1864 March 1, 1953
    Sister     Ann Rourke May 10, 1866 April 28, 1962


    Family of William “Billy” Magee and Margaret Rourke
Married Husband William “Billy” Magee
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage about May 1886 Toxteth Park, Liverpool, Lancashire, England   6a
Event Note

Marriages Jun Quarter 1886
MAGEE William Toxteth Park 8b 462
Rourke Margaret Toxteth Park 8b 462


Margaret Magee's husband, William, known as Billy Magee, died 10 October 1930, aged 79. Billy Magee was a ship's carpenter and he lost a leg in an accident on a ship. They had no family. They lived in a little cottage on the back road in Killowen. The cottage was demolished 5-6 years ago [this was written in May 2019]. Where the cottage was is still referred to as "Maggie Magee's." - email May 2019


  1. Edward Rourke
    1. Rose Fagan
      1. John O'Rourke
      2. William Rourke
      3. Margaret Rourke
        1. William “Billy” Magee
      4. James O'Rourke
      5. Mary Ann Rourke
      6. Edward Rourke
      7. Ann Rourke

Source References

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