Ebenezer Berry

Birth Name Ebenezer Berry
Gender male
Age at Death more than about 47 years


I am not yet sure of Ebenezer's father, although I have listed him as the son of Jehiel Berry and Susannah Swift.

When Ebenezer was born, there were three men in the area that would become Malone, NY: Jehiel, his brother Ebenezer, and their cousin Barnabas.

1) Ebenezer's children are listed in a biography of his son [another] Jehiel. According to that account, the elder Ebenezer did not have any sons named after himself.

2) Barnabas was older than his two cousins, married earlier, and has no sons on the 1810 census young enough to be our Ebenezer (who married Huldah Jillson). Five of his children are known, and none are named Ebenezer.

3) Jehiel does have sons in 1810 young enough for one of them to be the younger Ebenezer. Also on the 1830 Census, Jehiel and Ebenezer II are listed together. There were other Berrys listed on the same page, but not with them. The names were listed by first letter of the surname, then grouped by surname. It is possible that this list implies that Jehiel and Ebenezer II were father and son.

I have not yet located the birth records of the First Congregational Church in Malone, NY, which might include the birth of Ebenezer and other Berrys from the first years of Malone. Places to try: local genealogy society, and the church.

1830 US Census; Census Place: Westville, Franklin, New York; Page: 81; NARA Series: M19; Roll Number: 90
recorded on the line after the elder Jehiel Berry. Note: calling someone Ebenezer "the second" does not necessarily mean that his father was named Ebenezer. At this time in the US, "the second" was used to distinguish one man from another man by the same name in the same area. In other words, there was another Ebenezer Berry nearby, but not necessarily the father of this Ebenezer.

Ebenezer Berry II
2 m under 5
1 m 20 to 29
1 f 20 to 29


1850; Census Place: Malone, Franklin, New York; Roll: M432_505; Page: 28A;

Ebenezer Berry 47, checkmark, Carpenter & Pomis[?], NY
Huldah R Berry 19, NY
Cynthia D Berry 16, NY
George W Berry 7, NY, attended school within past year
Willard W Berry 5, NY, attended school within past year
Hyman Berry 21, checkmark, NY, married within past year
Martha M Berry 20, Canada E, married within past year
Wesley Louis 20, checkmark, Canada E
Aseneth Berry 32, NY


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth about 1803 New York, United States   1
Death after 1850     1


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Jehiel BerryApril 4, 1769
Mother Susannah SwiftNovember 12, 1767
         Ebenezer Berry about 1803 after 1850


Family of Ebenezer Berry and Huldah Jillson

Married Wife Huldah Jillson ( b. November 3, 1803 d. April 1850 )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage November 26, 1826      
Name Birth Date Death Date
Hyman Lysander Berryabout 1828
Huldah Berryabout 1830
Cynthia Berryabout 1833
George W Berryabout 1842
Willard W Berryabout 1844

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