Catherine Rourke

Birth Name Catherine Rourke
Gender female
Age at Death unknown


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    Family of John Rourke and Catherine Rourke
Married Husband John Rourke

This couple is found in the Catholic parish birth registers of Kilkeel Parish, Co Down, Ireland. There is a John Rourke in Corcreaghan Townland on Griffith's Valuation which could be him.

This is a list of the baptisms of their children, as found in an index, not from the images:
Rorke John Baptism 1846-12-03 Kilkeel, Down John,Catherine
Rourke Henry Baptism 1848-08-27 Kilkeel, Down John,Catherine
Rourke Peter Baptism 1850-05-19 Kilkeel, Down John,Catherine
Rorke Mary Baptism 1851-12-14 Kilkeel, Down John,Catherine
Rourke James Baptism 1853-10-09 Kilkeel, Down John,Catharine
Rourke William Baptism 1855-11-03 Kilkeel, Down John,Catharine
Rourke Catherine Baptism 1857-10-10 Kilkeel, Down John,Catherine
Rorke Margaret Baptism 1859-07-31 Kilkeel, Down John,Catherine
Rourke Francis Baptism 1861-11-03 Kilkeel, Down John,Catherine


I am pretty sure that John and Henry O'Rourke, who were living in the Collinwood section of Cleveland in the late 1800's and early 1900's are sons of this couple, John Rourke and Catherine Rourke.

John's death record said he was born December 6, 1846 and there is a baptism record saying December 3. I believe this is close enough. Either the priest or John's son's erred by a few days, or John himself didn't know the exact date of his birth. Any of the three are possible.

Henry's death record says he was born August 25, 1849, and there is a baptism record saying August 27, 1848. In this case, I would guess the death record is wrong by a year. The record also gives the names of his father as John O'Rourke and the maiden name of his mother as Catherine O'Rourke, with an "OK" next to Catherine, as if to indicate "yes this is her maiden name, not her married name."

I have counted them as brothers since 1) they were in the same neighborhood, 2) both worked for the railroad (although that might go with the first reason, since Collinwood was a railroad neighborhood), and 3) the names of their sons. John named his sons John, William Francis, George, and James Henry. Henry named his sons John Henry, Francis J, and William T. Their birth family included sons named John, Henry, James, and Francis.

Another factor in including them as children of a couple from Kilkeel is the surnames of their wives. John married Anna Rogers, and Henry married Selina Sloan. Both names are common in the Kilkeel area, and though they married in Cleveland, it also was a common occurrence for a man to marry a woman from his home area.

If I am wrong, please let me know. The email address should be on the home page of this site, or at the bottom of any of the article pages.

Name Birth Date Death Date
John O'RourkeDecember 6, 1846December 22, 1929
Henry O'Rourke1848April 15, 1930


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