Julia (Mowry) Paine Greene, of Glendale, Rhode Island

1915 postcard from Rockland, RI to Glendale, RI

Continued from Alice (Brownsword) Hawkes of Rockland, Rhode Island.

Julia (Mowry) Paine Greene was born in Rhode Island on February 8, 1847, the daughter of Emer and Melaura (Mathewson) Mowry. On August 16, 1864, she married George Carpenter Paine. They had one daughter, Martha, born about 1867. Then on November 3, 1870, Julia married Albert S Greene, with whom she spent the rest of her life.

In 1910, when the census was taken, Albert and Julia Greene were living on the "west side of road in Glendale from Oakland," according to the census information. Glendale is a part of the town of Burrillville, Rhode Island. The 1910 Burrillville City Directory has this listing:

Greene Albert S grocery and assistant tax collector, house Main, Glendale

In 1915, the state census records them as family 191 in Glendale. In 1920 Albert Greene was the manager of a grocery store and lived on Herring Pond Road. In 1930 he was retired and living on Victory Highway.

Albert and Julia Greene had no children of their own, but seem to have raised her daughter Martha's son Leon Hartley. He is called Leon Greene on the 1900 census, and Leon Hartley alias Greene on his death record. They also adopted a young girl, Frances Kendall, who is with them as a boarder in 1910 under that name, but later as "adopted daughter" Frances Greene and as Frances Mason, married.

You might remember from the last article that when Alice wrote Mrs Greene in December, 1915, she was hoping that she would make another try to visit her in Rockland. However I wonder if Julia was able to, since she died less than two years later, on September 2, 1917. Her husband Albert outlived her by 17 years, dying on November 1, 1934, in Glendale. They are both buried in Union Cemetery, Slatersville. Her parents are in the same plot.


I was hoping to find a picture of Mr Greene's general store, but alas, I didn't. There might be one in Burrillville by Patricia A. Mehrtens, (Dover, NH: Arcadia Publishing, 1996), but our library didn't have a digital edition of the book. Having lived in northern Rhode Island for 25 years, I have absorbed some of its spirit including the attitude that most places, even the library, are at times "too far." So the article will just have to do without.


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