Samuel Crim of Pedricktown, New Jersey

According to the Weatherby - Kurtz - Sittler Genealogy Lines database at, Aaron Crim and Lydia Harrow of Pedricktown,Salem County, New Jersey, had four children:

Samuel Crim b: 6 FEB 1820
Sara Crim b: 21 NOV 1822
Isaac Crim b: 28 NOV 1825
Peter Crim b: 22 JAN 1830 in Pedricktown, Salem, NJ

I have traced part of my wife's family back to a Samuel Crimm living in East Boston, Mass., in the 1860's. His approximate birth date, location, and father's name all match this Samuel in New Jersey.

For information on the Boston part of the mystery, see the article Was Charles Jenkins Really Samuel Crimm?.