John McMullen

Birth Name John McMullen
Gender male
Age at Death unknown


1871 Census of Canada
Province: Quebec
District: Montreal West
District Number: 106
Division: 09
Subdistrict: Ste Anne Ward
Subdistrict Number: a
living on St. Patrick St.

John McMullin 40, laborer, Quebec, Irish Catholic
Catherine McMullin 33, BP: Ireland, Irish Catholic


Event Date Place Description Sources
Birth about 1831 Québec, Canada   1
Event Note

The only sources I have for the birth locations of the four older known children of Patrick McMullen and Catherine Singleton are the children's later census records. I suspect that all four, Bridget, John, Dennis, and Essy, were born in Ireland, but I am not positive. There are no records of their births in Montreal.


Relation to main person Name Birth date Death date Relation within this family (if not by birth)
Father Patrick McMullenbetween 1847 and 1858
Mother Catherine Singletonabout 1799May 5, 1865
    Sister     Bridget McMullen about 1830 September 30, 1889
         John McMullen about 1831
    Brother     Dennis McMullen about 1834 November 26, 1899
    Sister     Essy McMullen about 1841
    Sister     Mary McMullen January 22, 1847


Family of John McMullen and Catharine Keeffe

Married Wife Catharine Keeffe ( b. about 1838 d. ... )
Event Date Place Description Sources
Marriage August 7, 1867 Notre-Dame Basilica, Montreal, Québec, Canada   2
Event Note

Their marriage record, was in English:
at Notre Dame Basilica, Montreal
John McMullin &
Catharine Keeffe

The seventh August one thousand eight hundred sixty seven... I the undersigned priest ... having received the mutual consent of John McMullin, laborer, domiciliated in this parish, son of age of deceased Patrick McMullin, and of deceased Catherine Singleton, of the County of Monahan in Ireland ... and of Catharine Keeffe, domiciliated in this parish, daughter of age of deceased Patrick Keeffe, laborer and of deceased Mary Hanlon of the County of Kerry in Ireland ... have married them in the presence of George Groves, of Patrick Burns of Margaret Macklin all undersigned. Bridegroom and bride could not sign.